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Outlet & Switch/ Socket Installation
Outlet / Switch Installation
Price: from $150
Wiring a House
Wiring a House
Price: from $500
Light Fixture Work
Light Fixture Work
Price: from $100
Ceiling Fans
Ceiling Fans
Price: from $50
Smart Home Installation
Smart Home Installation
Price: from $400
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Electrician near me in CaliforniaIf you need to find an electrician near me in Сalifornia, just call our managers and in 3 minutes order the service. Over time, various electrical problems arise in an apartment, private home, or industrial facility, causing a huge risk of electrical wiring fires and a full-blown fire. If the problems with the electrical equipment have already occurred (and it is a blackout, circuit breaker, short circuit, etc.) - do not hesitate! It is necessary to call us urgently, and we will send a professional electrician to your home in California, who will quickly perform all the necessary work at any time of the day or night, and at the most reasonable prices. Payment is made only after the work is done!

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When carrying out repair work on electrical lighting in households and residences, the prices are affordable for the family's budget. Installation of a new electric meter, automatic protection device, circuit breakers, outlets - for these services of an electrician the cost is determined by the company's price list and is in the average price range in the region. When may I need the services of an electrician? It is worth using the services of an electrician near me in the following cases:

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Calling an electrician near me to your home in California is the surest and most reliable way to solve any problems related to electricity, when you have neither the time nor the desire to understand all the nuances of the electrical system and electrical equipment yourself. Moreover, some reckless actions are even dangerous to human life and health. Entrusting this business to professionals is the best solution. And we are ready to get down to business right now!

Our 5 most ordered services:

Order electrician near me

"ElectricianzNearMe" is trusted because:

To order electrical installation, electrical design or additional services from us, give us a call. We will tell you about the cooperation with the company and send masters at a convenient time.

Services Costs
Outlet / Switch Installation from $150
Wiring a House from $500
Light Fixture Work from $100
Ceiling Fans from $50
Smart Home Installation from $400

Finding a qualified electrician can be extremely difficult, but our company employs only experienced and competent employees who are ready to solve any problems of our customers. The electricians who work for us have a sufficient amount of experience and theoretical knowledge. This helps them to solve any problems that arise.

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During the work with electrical wiring electrician must have professional equipment. All of this is available in our company. We have been providing services to call an electrician near me for quite a long time, so we know what our clients are waiting for. Replacing sockets or replacing wiring won't be a problem for our workers. They are ready to perform any task qualitatively and in the shortest possible time. The high professional level of our electricians is the key to the success of our company.

Price list for electrical installation work:
Installing sub-sockets, junction boxes from $20
Installation of electrical panels from $70
Installation of circuit breakers from $40
Installing an electric meter from $60
Installing outlets from $150
Installing switches from $80
Installing the wiring from $50
Mounting LED strips from $40
Installing fixtures from $50

Our electricians will promptly carry out any electrical work, including replacement of wiring in the apartment, installation of household appliances, repair of outlets, switches, etc. You only need to confirm the order, and an expert of our company will be at your doorstep in the stipulated time.

The advantages of our company
Quick registration of the application
In less than 5 minutes we will find an experienced electrician in your city
Wide California coverage
More than 500 experienced electricians throughout the region are ready to work
Various electrical services
Experts offer a wide range of electrical repair and installation services
Affordable prices for the service
The presence of electricians in different cities allows us to offer an affordable service

Find an electric company in California and order the execution of services for the replacement of electrical wires, electrical safety inspection and installation of electrical appliances. The calculator will calculate the amount based on prices for consumables, as well as the type and cost of services according to your selected list. In many cases, the service is the most important part of any work. At the end of an excellent job, customers often do not even notice whether there were problems with electrical wiring to be fixed or whether a wall was painted well. However, they definitely feel inconvenienced if the apartment has no electricity during a hot day. That's why in the modern world we have a service like this one that helps you find reliable electricians near you and order their services.

What else is included in the work?

During our company's existence, we have completed a huge amount of work in the field of electrical engineering, ranging from the usual replacement of bulbs to complex works on repair, installation of electrical equipment.

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Order the services of electricians in your city by phone
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Electric service near me in California

The benefits of services of an electrician at home are as follows:

  1. The service can be ordered at any time of the day.
  2. The customer himself agrees with the specialist about the time of the work.
  3. In case of emergency we are ready to send an electrician near me or a whole team at the earliest possible time (15-20 minutes).
  4. The estimate is made before the work begins, and the price does not change after the end of the work.
  5. There is a guarantee on any type of work provided by our company.
  6. Performance of electrical services in compliance with all necessary safety regulations.
electrical company in California

If there is a need to know the approximate price of a particular service, it is worth to call us on the phone, and describe the problem. The manager tells the preliminary cost, and if necessary executes the order.

Our specialists perform work not only at home but also at large industrial enterprises, non-residential premises, offices, etc.

Call us right now! The operator will take the call, tell you what to do in this or that situation and immediately stipulate the terms of cooperation (time of departure of the electrician, preliminary price and other important moments).

Contact us, and we will easily find and fix all the problems in your electrical wiring. We will repair or completely replace the electrical wiring in the apartment, perform wiring of apartments and offices, carry out electrical work in the country, install additional outlets and replace switches. Departure of an electrician for urgent electrical installation services. At your request, we can buy and deliver to the object all necessary electrical installation materials and provide them with accounting documents. Electrical installation work is carried out qualitatively and on time. Check out the electrician at home - quickly and at a convenient time. Always prompt the place where it will be better to install the socket or switch, for the best convenience in your family. When performing electrical installation use only the most advanced materials. Electrical installation is carried out in accordance with standards, norms and regulations. Put only the most reliable automation, high-quality and safe materials that have already proven time. Advice on electrical installation work of any complexity.

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