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When performing electrical work, one of the most important operations is the proper installation of outlets and switches. Constantly used contacts and connections of devices for switching on and connecting electrical appliances often become the cause of fires. Fire statistics inexorably put them in the position of the main sources of risk. Therefore, it is reasonable to be particularly careful when performing any operations involving electrical installation products.

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Wiring of a light switch service

The product is mounted in a standard mounting box in a recessed position. To install the box itself in the wall is made recess according to the appropriate dimensions. Fastening is carried out depending on the structure and material of the wall by one of the standard methods: screws for drywall, dowels, special distance clips included in the design of the box.

Sockets and switches are subjected to constant mechanical stresses in operation. The internal contacts must not move, so they are securely fastened in the wall. This applies to both the outer panel and the inner inserted part.

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Wiring an outlet to a switch

When installing electrical products in concrete and brick walls, the wall structure itself serves as the basis for fixing. When installing into a plasterboard wall, the surface of the plasterboard or special profiles rigidly fixed in the main structure serves as the basis. Some designs of electric switches by mounting method are designed only for fastening to plasterboard. Their installation in a concrete niche is not possible.

When installing outlets and switches, you should take into account possible movements of the walls. If these natural phenomena occur in a wooden house, it is necessary to avoid squeezing products and cables. Fastening of all parts is carried out taking into account seasonal shifts.

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The contacts of the wires are stripped and connected to the special terminals of the terminals. The connection terminals can be located in a removable part in the same unit as the outer cover. But there are options for locating the contacts fixedly in the inner part — then the unit is covered by a removable outer panel. Different connection methods require different free wire lengths.

Cables approaching the installation location of the wiring box must have a sufficient length of free ends. Properly installed in the terminals, the wire ends carry complete insulation and do not cross each other. At the same time, the connected ends retain some slack, but not too long so that unnecessary loops are not created.

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