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Outlet & Switch/ Socket Installation
Outlet / Switch Installation
Price: from $150
Wiring a House
Wiring a House
Price: from $500
Light Fixture Work
Light Fixture Work
Price: from $100
Ceiling Fans
Ceiling Fans
Price: from $50
Smart Home Installation
Smart Home Installation
Price: from $400
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Installing lighting in an apartment, office or country house is not too difficult and time-consuming task, but only if a professional takes on the task. In order for the equipment to function safely in the future, it is more appropriate to call an experienced electrician who has not only the necessary skills, but also the approvals required by law, than to act on your own at your own risk.

Light fixture work services

Choosing a lighting system, you need to follow one principle: the stronger the light, the better. It should be in all corners of the room. But this does not mean that the place should be full of lamps and bulbs. At our disposal there is a large number of various led lighting systems with different colors and shades of light for every taste and budget. And only by properly installing them in your apartment, you will be able to achieve the effect you want.

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The company’s specialists can provide advice on calculating the number of lamps in accordance with the objectives of lighting installation and the selection of specific light source models. The scope of work includes marking the installation points of lighting fixtures, fixing their housings in prescribed places. Connection of the wiring is carried out with the power off. Before the final fixing of the lighting fixture, the electricity is connected and the serviceability of the lamp, socket and switch is checked.

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Ceiling light fixture

Don’t settle for a do-it-yourself project. A comfortable, safe lighting environment is something you should leave up to the experts. At Electrician Near Me, we have trained and expert electricians who can help you with all types of lighting systems. We are available between 7am – 10pm EST, which means we are available when you need us most.

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Installation of the lights on the wall is usually carried out with self-tapping screws with plastic dowels. The mounting plate (usually supplied with the kit) is attached to the vertical surface and the rest of the sconces are attached directly to it.

There are two categories of wall lights. The first includes those designed for comfort zones: they are placed over armchairs, sofas and beds. These can be sconces or point models built into the furniture, the switches of which are at arm’s length from the place of rest. They can be located:

The second category is used for auxiliary premises: pantries, corridors, dressing rooms. The installation of such a lamp-lamp requires the installation of a switch directly at the entrance to the room.

Services Costs
Outlet / Switch Installation from $150
Wiring a House from $500
Light Fixture Work from $100
Ceiling Fans from $50
Smart Home Installation from $400

In order to order the installation of lighting, you need to contact the manager of the company and agree on the time of departure of an electrician. This can be done online or by phone on the website. A highly qualified electrician will determine the amount of work and, accordingly, the cost of installing lighting fixtures with all the associated additional services, draw up an estimate and agree it with the client. The specialist will bring the necessary tools and accessories for work — wiring, fuse boxes, protective materials, fasteners — and quickly and accurately perform the installation.

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